Voting System for Group Decision Making

The voting system is perhaps the most important aspect of any collaborative policy-building tool. For the past year, I have been working on an experimental side-project, code-named Commons, to build an online debate and voting platform to enable people to collaboratively build political policy. The aim is to build an online, distributed alternative to centralised parliaments, so that the general public can truly have political influence.

Voting in Commons works differently to the strategies used in actual parliaments. The traditional methods of voting are not appropriate when trying to build a debating environment for, theoretically, millions of people. This post details the voting system that I built for Commons.

This article does get technical fairly quickly, and it might be necessary to have some grasp of statistics to understand the latter parts. I have tried to keep the first half, which details the key ideas behind the Commons voting system, accessible to everybody. Continue reading “Voting System for Group Decision Making”